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What to do and see around Pomene

Pomene Lagoon of Mozambique is one of the prettiest destinations on the southern-east coast of Africa, offering many outdoor activities to enjoy, both in the water and on land!

The lagoon is very safe for swimming and is extremely convenient to access. Snorkeling within the lagoon itself is stunning, offering a vibrant variety of colours, shapes and sizes of tropical fish that shelter in the storm uprooted tree roots.

The intriguing mangrove creeks to the south of the lagoon beckon to be explored, either by kayak or motor boat.

A walk over to the beach gives the contrast of curling waves - perfect for body surfing when the swell is right. But the beaches are perhaps the best of all - wide, uninterrupted white sandy stretches which invite one to stroll on forever whilst enjoying the shells strewn up in the intertidal zone.

The variety of habitats provide boundless opportunities for birding, while dolphins, turtle and, occasionally, dugongs visit the estuary and reefs.

A nearby lodge also offers scuba diving with qualified dive instructors. By prior arrangement they collect us to go exploring the world-class diving reefs off the Pomene shores, widely recognized as the best in Mozambique. Big game fishing can also be organised.

Additional activities:

(all by prior arrangement)

Kayaking with lessons if required
Foot/Hand Reflexology with a trained therapist

Should an instructor be available, sail training can also be offered:
Deckhand work: knots, names of parts of the boat, sails and ropes, how to set sail, aerodynamics of the wind, anchoring etc.;
Helmsmanship: how to steer a course using a tiller in this case, taking into account drift and set, using the wind to plan your passage, tacking, gybing, giving commands to your deckhands, steering a compass course;
Basic navigation: basic chart-work, magnetic variation, compass deviation, points in azimuth of the compass, taking a bearing, distances as measured between points and on a chart, great and small circles, etc.