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Firstly we are north of Inhambane and south of Vilankulo.  Our closest village is Massinga on the En 1.

Directions from Massinga to Casa Oito (8) in the Casa Ray Beach Lodge resort, on the North Bank of the Pomene Estuary

NB: Only 4X4s or vehicles with diff lock for the last 30 km.

General information:

Pomene turn off is about 7 kms North of Massinga along the EN 1 - just after the Morrungulo turn off. 

The dirt and sand road off the EN 1 comprises about 68 Km and takes about 2 hours.

At Manhenge (only 6 buildings) take the road out of the village to the right of the school and follow the sign to "PARADISE" - they are our neighbours.
(A new bridge has been built so cars with trailers are safe to go this way now)

After Manhenge the trail is sandy - please reduce your 4X4s tyre pressure to between 1,5 and 1,2 Bar.


"Onde rua na Casa Ray, por favor?" = "Where's the way to Casa Ray?"or "Paradise?"

On the way there:


Way Points Latitude

Way Points Longitude




Pomene Sign 1 S23° 14,913' E035° 22,237' Turn to the east - 7 km to Rio das Pedros 7 7
Rio das Pedras 2 S23° 11,760' E 035° 22,973' Take MIDDLE route out of Rio de Pedras, NOT the Pomene Lodge road which goes to the right, then 24 kms to Manhenge
24 31
Manhenge - Follow Signs Paradise (not Big Boats sign) 3 S23° 00,349' E 035° 24,619' Take the right track out of Manhenge leaving the school to the left - Reduce the tyre pressure first.  Go past a rural farm and over a white bridge after 8.5 km and then 3.3 km to a very dead tree.  (then left).
Dead tree - Turn left
4 S22° 56,308'
E035° 28.964'
Sandy and wobbly road for about 12.5 km - stay on the main drag till a fork after 12.5 km (then right)
Fork - Take the right fork
5 S22° 52,867' E 035° 29,458' After fork - Sandy and hilly on coastal dune - more sandy wobbles until you reach our gate (then turn right).
12 67.5
Casa Ray Beach Lodge Gate and Pomene Ridge chalets on top
6 S22° 51,533' E 035° 31,354' Enter the gate and proceed 200 meters half way down the hill then turn right at Casa Oito sign.  Do not go down to the bottom of the hill!
0.2 67.7
Casa 8 Sign - Turn right
6b S22° 51,551' E 035° 31,429' Continue straight to the end of this driveway passing three chalets on your right to last house and arrive at 0.2 67.9
Casa 8 6c S22° 51,653' E 035° 31,418' Welcome to Casa Oito! You've earn a Dos M or two! 67.9

On the way back:

Gate - turn left
6 S22° 51,533' E 035° 31,354'
Dead Tree - turn right
4 S22° 56.308' E 035° 28.964'
Manenge - go straight
3 S23°00,349' E 035°24,619'
Rio das Pedras - go straight
2 S23°11,760' E 035°22.973'
EN 1 1 S23°14,913' E035°22,237'


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